October Family Night Movies

October 5-7: Kindness on PBS KIDS


Kindness Books - This week the PBS KIDS Family Night Marathon is celebrating kindness with a special episode line up from SPLASH & BUBBLES, SESAME STREET, DANIEL TIGER’S NEIGHBORHOOD and ARTHUR. You can explore kindness and empathy with this list of picture books from PBS KIDS for Parents. Explore kindness when you tune in to this week’s PBS KIDS Family Night Kindness Marathon and after when you create this kindness tree. If you watched this week’s PBS KIDS Family Night marathon, you know it’s nice to let people know you appreciate their kindness. Help your child recognize kindness and practice gratitude when you make these thank you cards from DANIEL TIGER’S NEIGHBORHOOD.

October 12 – 14: The Cat in the Hat Knows A Lot About HALLOWEEN!


We’re celebrating Halloween on this weekend’s PBS KIDS Family Night special, but we know Halloween can be an anxious time of year for some children. You can help your kids work through their fears with age-specific tips and activities from PBS KIDS for Parents. Make your very own Handprint Spider with these instructions from PBS KIDS for Parents. You can help the Cat find Nick and Sally in the maze, or create your own with Corn Maze Craze.

October 19 – 21: Super Spooky Halloween Marathon 


Costumes - Do you have your Halloween costumes yet? PBS KIDS for Parents has all kinds of DIY costume suggestions, including some from your favorite PBS KIDS shows. (You might want to give them a test run when you tune in to this weekend’s PBS KIDS Family Night Super Spooky Halloween Marathon.) You can paint or carve your own pumpkins with stencils from PBS KIDS (Don’t forget to have an adult help with any pumpkin carving). Afterward, you and your family can get in the Halloween spirit with these monstrously good book suggestions from PBS KIDS for Parents.

October 26 – 28: Halloween Double Feature

 The first of this weekend’s PBS KIDS Family Night Double Feature movies, ARTHUR AND THE HAUNTED TREEHOUSE, features a sleepover. If your kids are excited about the idea of having a sleepover but aren’t quite ready, ARTHUR has a daytime activity you can use to practice before you try the real thing.


Bats are a favorite at Halloween, and star in the special WILD KRATTS: CREEPY CREATURES movie that’s the second half of this weekend’s PBS KIDS Family Night Double Feature. If you’re inspired, you and your kids can build your own Bat Box with these instructions from WILD KRATTS.

 Get ready for an Elwood City style Halloween with your very own Arthur and DW jack-o-lanterns using these templates from PBS KIDS for Parents. Or, if you’re a WILD KRATTS super-fan, you may want to check out the WILD KRATTS template.